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Chen Rongzhen, vice chairman of the Ryan CPPCC, visited KONE

This morning, Chen Rongzhen, vice chairman of the Ryan CPPCC, conducted a survey on the topic of “Attracting college graduates to return to their hometowns to find jobs in Switzerland”, and brought in a dozen people from the head of the CPPCC Science and Technology Committee and the head of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau. Our company carried out field research and held a working symposium. Our general manager assistant Xiang Chunjian warmly received the visiting guests at the company headquarters.


The research team first visited the company's exhibition hall. Under the explanation of the lecturer, they learned about the company's development history, daily management and major product techniques. They also focused on how to attract college graduates to return to their hometowns to find employment. The topic was discussed and discussed with the assistant to the general manager of our company. Then, at the symposium, the research team and the staff of our company made detailed and in-depth communication and exchanges around the topic of how to “attract college graduates to return home to start business and find employment in Switzerland”. A key difficulty for college graduates to come to employment is how to overcome the instability of college students' employment. From the perspective of the company's own development, the company hopes that the incumbent should have good stability. I hope the government can introduce certain talents and talents. Policy, and more targeted training in key areas, so that college graduates feel more about Ryan's care and warmth. After listening to the research team, I expressed my gratitude to KONE for being able to provide realistic ideas and suggestions, and to analyze key points and difficulties. Such suggestions are worthy of discussion and research, and will be helpful to the work of the project.


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